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This page contains links to some documents which contain some charts or points. These documents were prepared with the help of Srimaan S K V Ramacharyulu currently staying in Delhi to enable beginners in understand the basic fundamentals of Sri Ramanuja Siddhanta. These documents contain points from the grandtas written by poorvacharyas in the line of Sri Ramanujacharya. Srimaan Ramacharyulu took special care to make the documents simple and easy to understand. These documents can also be used by learned to teach the concepts to youngsters. Youngsters are requested to use the charts for basic understanding and approach learned people for further elaboration.

Tatvatrayam Chart A3 Size (PDF document, 25.2 KB) : Tatva Trayam is a text (in the form of Sutras) written by Sri Pillai Lokacharya (13th century SriVaishnava Aacharya). Later, Sri ManavalaMamuni (15th century SriVaishnava Aacharya) gave detailed explanation of the texts for the greater benefit of general people. This text describes the three tatvas 1. Paramatma 2. Jiva and 3. Parkriti which forms the basis of all further understanding. To visualize the concepts of the three tatvas, the chart is Prepared during discussions with the help of Srimaan Ramacharyulu of Delhi, and Srimaan Ranganadham of Gurgaon. (26KB, set to A3 size, PDF File)

Mumukshuppadi/ RahasyaTrayam Points : Mumukshuppadi or Rahasya Trayam is another text written by Sri Pillai Lokacharya describing the three rahasyas to be understood by a person desiring Moksha (Mumukshu). The document contains 4 pages (in the form of chart/points) covering Introduction, Tirumantram, Dvaya and Charama. Prepared during discussions with the help of Srimaan Ramacharyulu of Delhi, and Srimaan Ranganadham of Gurgaon.

Kanninun Siruttambu Points (PDF Document, 105 KB) : Kanninun Siruttambu contains 11 pasuras written by Sri Madhurakavi on Sri Nammaazwaar.

Hourly Check Poem (in Telugu) (PDF Document, 145 KB) : This poem is written (by Sriman SKV Ramacharyulu) to serve as reminder to us during our daily routine activities. This poem can be made to appear on the screen at a definite interval as desired by us. It is expected that over a period of time, one may not need such a reminder since it becomes part of the mental make up.

Download the Hourly Check Batch script (Hourly Check Script for Windows ZIP file) which automatically popups the poem using a browser. Download the zip file and follow the instructions in readme file.

Paramapada Sopana Patham no background image(PDF Document, 85.3 KB)
Paramapada Sopana Patham with background image(PDF Document, 129 KB) : This is based on grandha named Achhiraadi written by Sri Pillai Lokacharya.

Chatussutri Points (PDF document, 47.1 KB) : Based on Sribhashyam

Chatussutri Anupapatti (PDF Document, 53.7 KB) : Based on Sribhashyam

Acharya parampara with dates (PDF Document, 20 KB)