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Author: Srimaan Sribhashyam Srinivasacharyulu

Dear RAmAnuja DAsas and Asthikas,
In this posting we shall continue by taking up the objections and their answers in respect of  the descent of BhagavAn.

Other objections

The birth in the form of a man or celestial or an inanimate object is made available for the souls as a result of their deeds either as heinous or virtuous. When the ParamAtman is not subservient to His deeds, how can He have a birth or the so called descent? Further it is being told that He has the stages of a child, boy, youth, full-fledged man etc. Does it not mean that He has a body made up of the five basic elements, which undergoes the continuous transformation
like every other body of primordial cosmic matter made up of the three attributes viz. sattva, rajas and thamas? Is it not despicable that He entered into this quagmire, into which knowingly no worthy being enters? By virtue of having the primordial body, would not His attributes and characteristics of sathyakAmathva, sathyasamkalpathva etc, also be subjected to being shielded off by the ignorance? Such objections capable of being raised by the low intelligent  common man can come up.


The SruthivAkya thasya dheerAh parijAnanthi yonim shows that the wise counsel like sage VyAsa  and ParAsara etc. have given answers for such objection. Sage ParAsara in his Vishnu purANa viz., jagathAm upakArAya na sA karma  nimiththajA His descent is for the purpose of helping the universe, ichchhA gRiheethAbhimathoru dehah He takes up a body which is to His liking, make it known that these bodies which are taken up by Him are not of the usual  cosmic matter. The same is said by sage VyAsa in Mahabharata na bhUthasangha samsthAnah dehosya paramAthmanah His body is not made up of the conglomeration of the primordial cosmic elements. In vAyu PurANa it is said -  na thasya prAkRithA mUrthih mAmsa medosthisambhavA His body is not made of the primordial matter consisting of the flesh, bones and marrow. Thus it is amply made clear by the Sruthis, purANas and ithihAsas that His body in the  form of Rama and KrishNa is not the mortal one but made up of the five extra-celestial elements of His SrivaikunTha, though it appears as if His body is made up of the usual blood, flesh and bones, like all the humans or celestials. It is  well known that His characteristic attributes such as His Omnipotence, Omnipresence, and capability to see and know everything shine even in His descents also without any effect of the primordial matter on them. (not like those attributes of the Atmans (JIvas) which get shrouded by the primordial ignorance) It is clearly said by Him

in Bhagavad Gita

ajopi san avyayAthmA bhUthAnAm eesvaropi san|
prakRithim svAm adhishThAya sambhavAmi AthmamAyayA||

It is clear from these words svAm prakrithim adhishThAya having an extra-ordinary body of mine, Athma mAyayA I take birth as I intend that He takes His descent at His will with an extra-ordinary body. From this it is known that His  descent is not like the birth of the JIva, which happens as soon as the time comes for experiencing the fruits of his deeds. There is no effect of the primordial cosmic matter on His capabilities, attributes or characteristics even  when He descends into this primordial universe. This reality of His descent is indicated by the phrase bahuthhA vijAyathe of this present mantra.

AchArya the preceptor blesses his meditating pupils OmithyAthmAnam dhyAyathha svasthinah pArAya thamasah parasthAth meditate by chanting the praNava on that ParamAtma for reaching that eternal place called Parama Vyoma which is eternal and beyond the primordial cosmic  sphere. Let there be success in your journey towards reaching that most desirable thing for the JIvas, To continueIn the next posting, we shall continue with the 8th Mantra.



Srinivasa RAmAnuja DAsan